Waiting for Firefly

My father is a photographer. Well, technically he’s retired. But when he was working, he worked as an engineer in the automotive industry. His passion was taking photographs. It got so that I was the fastest blink in the world. I could subvert any and every attempt to take my picture. Especially with a flash.

The photograph that I am using in my header today, is one of my father’s photographs. Taken many years ago when I was a teenager.

Now, what you need to know is that I am a Browncoat. This means I am a fan of the great TV series that was killed before its time, Firefly. I mean I am an avid fan. The  kind of fan that volunteers every year to help put on the Can’t Stop the Serenity event in which we show the movie “Serenity” based on Firefly, to raise funds for Equality Now.

When my father found the photo a few months back he sent it to me. He said it was entitled “Waiting for Firefly to come back.” He does know his little girl – even though I have been living in my own home for the last thirty six years.

At any rate it is a beautiful photograph. I am proud to be able to display some of my father’s art for all to see.


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I'm a writer of speculative and historical romance fiction.
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8 Responses to Waiting for Firefly

  1. Great Photo. You did a nice job setting up your blog. I figured I post here so you’d know you site is working.

    Pat (from ProClass)

  2. sarahkayes says:

    It’s a beautiful picture and a very sweet story.

  3. Calisa Rhose says:

    Very nice Elizabeth! Is that a panoramic photo? If not, how do you get it to banner across like that?

    • I suspect this will be in a later lesson but it was just part of making it a header – there was a step that involved cropping the shot. And you get to preview it before accepting it. I’m a newbie at it and it wasn’t difficult. But I did it back in September so I don’t really remember the details.

  4. norasnowdon says:

    cool pic and blog.

  5. Vicki says:

    Love your picture!! The blog looks great too!

  6. Beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. breedavison says:

    Nice, lovely pic and story about your father. Warmed my heart!
    ~ Bree Davison (Barb D on the Loop)

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